Lament of Mohini is like a jigsaw puzzle. Sprawling, fragmented, buzzing with cross-currents. This is the saga of
            an aristocratic Kerala family. Five generations caught up in a rambling, rambunctious retelling of their lives. Who
            holds it all together? A young Chennai-based scion named Gopi Narayan. His pedestrian life is turned upside
            down when he encounters the historian-turned-novelist Rangachari.
            The latter's manuscript threatens to recount all the innermost secrets of Gopi's ancestors in Kilikkara. Secrets
            include the curse of the lost chakra, and the frenetic nights that preceded Diamond Week  when the mother of
            the first-born female child was promised a magnificent necklace. Can Gopi stall Rangachari?
            Varma's sleight of word is dramatic and dazzling. His pages teem with eccentric matriarchs and men of leisure,
            family feuds and lusty liaisons. A romantic poet dallies with illusions. A patriarch is caught in a time warp. A
            contemporary character lives a chimerical existence. As the multi-pronged plot unwinds, the reader is swept
            away in a rich fantasy that seems almost tangible.
            The novel's teeming cast connects the past with the present through myriad voices. Gopi's, which is colloquial,
            is studded with imagination-rich coined words; excerpts from the lauded poet's diary, which somersaults over the
            generations before reverting to mere narrative; taut sequences of family 'history' that infuse the happenings,
            randomly tempered with Tamil and Malayalam words; dialogue sprinkled with a desi brand of wit and vagary.
            This is a tight-paced, loose-knit saga that demands a leisurely read. Because, if you're in a hurry, you might
            lose track of the relationships and the essential plot.

"Varma exploits the form of the novel to the hilt. Indeed, he exhilerates in it. He unfolds the tale with the assured confidence of a master story-teller...What makes the book a pleasure to read is its rich humour... An enjoyable novel throughout, Lament Of Mohini will win its author admirers."
"Varma throws
of family members
that promise
to remain etched
in our memories.."
indian express

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